R1       Pulse Programming Course, Philips MR Platform
   March, 25-29 2019, Zurich

Intended for scientists who wish to modify MR scan software and develop their own pulse sequences, this 5-days course provides all the information to start developing pulse sequences on the Philips MR platform. Providing extensive background information about the Philips MR system, its software, and the available programming tools, the course is structured with alternating lectures and practical exercises. Basic general programming skills are a pre-requisite for this course.

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  R2       Recon 2.0 Course, Philips MR Platform
   April 1-3 2019, Zurich

This 3-days course provides in-depth information about the Philips image reconstruction software Recon 2.0. Also covered are data handling and image post-processing options of the Philips MR platform in a research setting. Course contents: Philips image reconstruction platform Recon 2.0 (including extensive practical exercises), structure and handling of image and data file formats, theory of image reconstruction techniques, C++ primer.

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  R1&2       Pulse Programming + Recon 2.0 Course, Philips MR Platform
   March 25 - April 3 2019, Zurich

Both the pulse programming and the image reconstruction course back to back. This is the ultimate program to learn all about using the Philips MR platform in a reasearch environment. Refer to the descriptions above for the course contents. Register for both courses and get a significant discount on the total course fee.